Proboscideans: giants from our geological history

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Каталог изложбе

Аутори: Сања Алабурић, Зоран Марковић и Милош Миливојевић
Илустрације: Дејан Вукадиновић
Преводилац: Бојан Главонић
Издавач: Природњачки музеј
Број страна: 20
Језик: енглески
Тип повеза: Меки пoвез
Формат: 220 x 220 мм
Година издања: 2017.
Кључне речи: Фосили, сурлаши, мамут, слон, стратиграфија; плеистоцен, палеоекологија, палеобиогеографија;
ISBN 978-86-82145-54-7




When we say proboscidean, the first thought is that it is today’s African or Asian elephant, or possibly mammoth. However, they are only the descendants of one group of mammals whose fossil remains are part of a story that has been going on for millions of years. Through evolution, from relatively small animals, some of them become the largest land mammals. Until the discovery of complete fossil skeletons, the idea about these animals was unclear, even grotesque. Their skulls and large bones were seen by people as parts of cyclops or other mythical creatures. Their skulls and large bones were perceived by people as parts of cyclops or other mythical creatures. Thanks to numerous fossil remains in collections throughout the world, today we know enough to reconstruct their appearance successfully.

This illustrated publication brings you into the world of these imposing mammals that walked the Earth before us.


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